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Do not spam!

It only bothers everyone

When we start in affiliate marketing, we all tend to believe that the important thing is to have the most hits to our products. We all want to earn money quickly and easily. We then make the mistake of starting to spam. Spam is not good for anyone; neither for the consumer, nor for the seller, nor for the affiliate.

For the consumer

Take a look on Twitter, it will not take long for you to see that you are pestered by spam. People want your continued attention, hoping that you click on their links. You simply stop following them, or mute them. You know that if you click on their link, you will lose a few precious seconds of your life.

For the affiliate

People who will click on your links will not be quality consumers. Most people click as soon as something gets their attention. They will leave the page within 2 seconds. You will then have a lot of traffic, but it will not be worth anything.

For the seller

The quality of those who see the product reflect the quality of the product. If the product is associated with spam, people will no longer be interested in buying this product, simply because he has heard too much about it.


Do not forget the law, some countries are very strict with spammers, going too far can cause you to pay considerable fines or even go to jail. To become a good seller, you have to work hard, the easy way does not exists.

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